Our Ultra kids are Hope Dealers in the making! UK is on a mission to partner with parents to help the next generation unleash their full redemptive potential.

We have designed an environment and experience just for your kids on Sunday so they can learn about God. UK happens during the adult worship experience. Children will worship to kid-friendly music, participate in activities, and learn Biblical principles taught to them with creativity by our UK team!


For more information please email: Nancy@mychurchunleashed.tv


6th-12th Grade

Every student matters! Underground Movements is a student ministry that means teens where htey are at. Our desire is to help students grow in their faith, character, and relationships. 

UND meets once a month for their own experience.  Our students have fun hanging out, playing games, but also, learning about Jesus through worship and teaching.


Serving is the road to significance! Our volunteers are the heart and soul of Church Unleashed. Start volunteering right away and see the immediate difference you can make by serving on one of our CU SERVE Teams. Don't just sit on the sidelines! Join the others who have said "YES" to reaching Long Island with the love of Jesus.



Throughout the year CU participates in various outreaches. From turkey drives to street fairs to foster care initiatives. We are always looking for ways to love on our cities and show others the potential they have in Jesus.