Donkey with a Destiny

Pastor Todd Bishop

April 14th 2019


The Power of Your Position

Do you know who you are? We need to know the power of our position in Jesus Christ in order to unleash our Full Redemptive Potential.

Make it Count


God has given us time, talent and treasure! The only way that we can truly make them count is to live intentionally with an eternal perspective.

Non-Toxic Savior


One name. One God. Holding it down. Only Jesus detoxifies us!

Inward Focus


We can have thick skin because Jesus had penetrated skin. Evict those negative thoughts and live you non-toxic life in freedom!

Overdose on Love

One of our Human Rights is the right to love: to be loved by God and to love others. Love is messy though! Watch this video to see what

Pastor Todd means.

You Are Not Ordinary

You don't have enough excuses to outrun God's plan for your life. A mighty hero is ready to rise up

within you!

What's In Your Hand

Often times we feel like we don't have much to give. But, it is crucial to know that comparing devalues your calling. God has created you

to be extraordinary!

Living a Life of Expectancy

You want to live a life of expectation? Change the world? Become a church on fire! This message from Pastor Todd Bishop IS FIREEE!