Get Up, You Ain't Dead

Pastor Todd Bishop

January 19, 2019



Life Without Limits

You are not outnumbered! When it feels like the enemy is surrounding you, God has already surrounded your enemy.

Rev It Up

REV IT UP! In this message we encourage you to finish your race! and explain how you can overcome challenges with God.

Mr. Bishop's Neighborhood

WOULD YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR? This sermon discusses how every neighbor of every kind should be loved.... LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR

Flock University

In this sermon learn how to Protect! Propel! and Perpetuate the vision God has gave you.



You were made by the GREAT designer and not by accident!

You Are Not Ordinary

You don't have enough excuses to outrun God's plan for your life. A mighty hero is ready to rise up

within you!

What's In Your Hand

Often times we feel like we don't have much to give. But, it is crucial to know that comparing devalues your calling. God has created you

to be extraordinary!

God is Bigger

God is bigger than anything you will face or experience! If He can hang our planet in the universe, he can very well take care of you. It may sound like an "out of my mind" thought, but God is bigger than anything you face!