Run to the Other Side

Pastor Todd Bishop

February 3rd 2019




We declare and believe that joy is our strength. Peace is our hope. Jesus is our everything. We got the joy! When we trust God, joy becomes a CONTAGIOUS CHOICE!



We serve a God who wants us to be his miracles to others. Do you know what truly makes us UNSHAKEABLE? When we worry less about ourselves and more about those around us!

Unshakeable Faith

No one is exempt from difficulty. We serve an unshakeable God and because of Him, we have an unshakeable faith, no matter what we face. 

Unshakeable Hope

Jesus offers hope to HOPE to the hurting,  FAITH to the forgotten, PEACE to the puzzled, GRACE to the guilty and LIFE to all. Jesus brings hope into any and every situation - including yours!

Overdose on Love

One of our Human Rights is the right to love: to be loved by God and to love others. Love is messy though! Watch this video to see what

Pastor Todd means.

You Are Not Ordinary

You don't have enough excuses to outrun God's plan for your life. A mighty hero is ready to rise up

within you!

What's In Your Hand

Often times we feel like we don't have much to give. But, it is crucial to know that comparing devalues your calling. God has created you

to be extraordinary!

Living a Life of Expectancy

You want to live a life of expectation? Change the world? Become a church on fire! This message from Pastor Todd Bishop IS FIREEE!